Let's go to Disney!

I'm always up for a trip to Disney.  It's a sure fire way to feel like a kid, feel like you don't have a worry in the world.  I know it's not for everybody, but I really like/need that break from reality once in a while.  And it's the special little touches and experiences that can make for a truly memorable trip.  

On this particular trip, we took the behind the scenes tour at DisneyWorld.  It's the cool experience that peels back the magic and lets you see the inner workings behind the scenes.  We got to see where the parade floats are kept, behind the scenes of the shops and some rides...and best of all we got to go down into the ever famous tunnels that run beneath the Magic Kingdom.   Walt didn't want people seeing cast members from different areas in places they didn't make sense.  That would break the magic in his eyes.  So the solution to this was a series of tunnels that run beneath the Magic Kingdom to allow employees to ferry trash, food and themselves all over the park, all without breaking the illusion Walt designed.  After all, you don't want to see a cowboy from Frontierland wandering next to Space Mountain, do you?

Also a side perk of being in the park to take this particular tour...you get entry before anyone else is allowed in.  You get Main Street to yourself for a few minutes.  That in itself is heaven.  


You'll note...no people in the shot.  This place is normally as crowded as can be since it is such an iconic area.  Getting a shot without people in it is such a treat.  


Again...no people!  There is no way in the world to get a shot of Cinderella's castle and the Partners statue without hordes of people in it under normal circumstances.  For a photographer, this was such an iconic moment for me.   Photos I will treasure that allow the true spirit of Disney to shine through.  

The above layouts were made using Scotty Girl Design's new release "Dreams Come True" available at Pixels and Company.  http://pixelsandcompany.com/shop/Dreams-Come-True-Collection.html

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